Sage Creek High School Beach Volleyball Team

Go Bobcats!

The Coaches

Since a young age, Keaton and Ryan have been training on the beach volleyball courts together.  Both of them call Moonlight Beach their home because they spent so many summers learning the game there.
This Spring, Ryan and Keaton are coaching the girls beach volleyball team at Sage Creek High School.
Head Coach Ryan McDevitt has been coaching for the Tamarack Volleyball club for 8 years now.  His expertise has helped so many get into college on scholarships.
Coach Keaton Marks will be bringing his experience and expertise to Sage Creek.
Happy Beach Volleyball!

Sage Creek Matches

May 3rd 2018 - Summer + Ana

April 18th 2018 - Leah + Aubrey

April 18th 2018 - Summer + Ana

Madi + Natalie vs Sofia + Kenny